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Modern Living Room Decor Inspiration Ideas

If you've decided you want your house to have a modern design then your probably wondering what kind of decor you should use to match this style.

modern living room design combination of blue and pink

Having mixed décor styles in your home can be confusing and messy, so your theme must fit seamlessly throughout your home, with rooms such as the living room being the most important.

Modern décor ideas for your living room can range from a natural colour pallet to pops of colour, with a roomy and airy finish being most common. It's unlikely to find rustic décor in a modern living room, so you should stick to modern fireplaces and additions such as spotlights when finishing to transmit a modern-day feel to your room.

Lucky for you, we have done all searching for you and narrowed down our top decor ideas for a modern design living room to give you all the inspo you need to get decorating.

Let's get into it!

Modern Decor Ideas & Tips

When you think of modern design, neutral colours, flashy fireplaces and glass coffee tables normally spring to mind, and essentially, that's what modern design is. However, you don't have to have the same colour pallet and decor as everybody else to create a modern look.

That's why we have listed out a variety of decor ideas below to get you started -

Add feature paintings

One of the best ways to make your living room appear more modern is by adding some feature paintings to your neutral coloured wall. These feature paintings are best if they are modern and abstract, with some pops of colour to add interest in your living room.

If your feeling up to it, you could even do this DIY with some canvas and paint, I mean how satisfying is that? Having your modern masterpiece hanging in your living room!

Keep a neutral colour scheme

Most modern living rooms stick to a neutral colour scheme. These colours can include; pastels, greys, whites, beiges and anything that's not too punchy.

This kind of light colour scheme allows you to keep the living room airy and spacious, with pops of contrast here and there so as your room doesn't look too washed out. If you are unsure to paint your living room one of these colours, why not try out removable wallpaper instead?

Lights are essential

In a modern living room, the main light is one of the most essential parts. Go for hanging pendant lights, or hexagon lampshades to add a modern finish in your room.

These industrial light fixtures can be made DIY too with some copper tube pieces and a few tools!

Stick to minimalism

Minimalism speaks modern design, do not overcrowd your living room with random objects as this will ruin the spacious and airy atmosphere you are trying to create.

Sticking to just a few patterns and feature pieces in your living room can say a lot without having to 'be' a lot, same goes for shelves, don't overcrowd them and stick to a few books or succulents to display.

Make some floating shelves

Floating shelves are very modern DIY décor ideas and can be made pretty easily yourself.

You can simply make these shelves with some rope, a piece of wood, and a drill to make holes, the best thing about these shelves is that you can use them to display numerous items such as plants, picture frames, books or candles.

Find out how to make some DIY floating shelves here.

Don't forget texture

The texture is essential in a modern living room, you will want to break up the dullness of neutral colours with some textured throws here and there on your sofas or a fluffy rug on your floor.

Textured items will allow you modern living room to feel cosier and home-like without ruining the design you are trying to create.

Put a fireplace

If you can (as not all living rooms allow) put a feature fireplace in your modern living room. This adds a warmer feel to a neutral space, making it more family and guest friendly.

When choosing your modern fireplace its best to avoid traditional fireplaces and stick with electric modern designs that use greys and blacks. Wall-mounted fireplaces are also very modern and space-friendly.

Utilise your coffee table

The coffee table in your living is very important and you will want to decorate it in a minimal yet effective way. Placing your favourite books, or a tray with succulents and candles as a centrepiece can bring a modern finish to your table.

Avoid filling your coffee table with unnecessary items as this can ruin the minimalism of your space.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Modern design living rooms must have a mirror as this contributes to the spacious feel of the room.

Try out some circular mirrors in your living room and avoid leaning towards a traditional square frame, you could even try placing mirrors of different sizes in your room.

Plants add sophistication

One to three plants in your living room (depending on its size) can do wonders for you modern space and add some contrasting green colours to a light palette.

Some great low maintenance plants to consider are small succulents in painted/terracotta pots or snake plants in baskets.

Experiment with pillows

Your sofa in your modern living room will likely be of a light neutral colour, such as greys or beige or even white (if you are clean enough) and will need some patterns/textures to break up the plain design.

Adding a couple of patterned pillows or pillows of a contrasting colour to your sofa can bring your living room to life. You could even make these cushion covers DIY if you have a sewing machine and want a unique pattern.

Natural light is important

It's important that when you design your modern living room you should allow as much natural light possible to enter through into the room.

Natural light is great for reinstating that spacious, airy modern vibe in your space, not to mention it's also good for the brain than when compared to artificial light.

Tips For Creating a Modern Design

Now we have put together our best ideas that you can incorporate into your modern living room design, there's a couple of tips which are worth considering as you decorate your living room.

We have put together the best ones for you to consider beneath -

  • Don't add too much art - Too much art in your modern living room will take away the spacious atmosphere you need, instead stick with one feature piece that we mentioned above to add some colour to your walls.
  • Keep your colour consistent - When choosing rugs, curtains, pillows or even centrepieces, try to keep your colours consistent throughout. Even if you pick three different neutral colours to play around with, make sure to stay with them throughout your decor.
  • Make sure to have one modern piece of furniture - For a modern design you will want at least one piece of furniture or decor that is considered 'modern'. This could be a pendant lamp, a floating DIY shelf, a bean bag or a modern fireplace. Something in your living room should scream modernism.
  • If in doubt go monochrome - If your finding colours overwhelming, stick to white and black, this might seem boring but can be the best way to have a modern design, you can always add some textures to make the room feel cosier.
  • Incorporate wood if needed - Modern design can sometimes feel a little cold, so to make your space feel warmer and more friendly, you could try incorporating some wood furniture here and there.
  • Try DIY projects to cut costs - As we mentioned above, DIY centrepieces, pendant lights, and shelves can all be made by hand, which is much cheaper and also more satisfactory.

Final words

We hope you enjoyed our modern living room decor inspo above and have taken away a few ideas to get started on decorating your own!

Key points for a modern design are always light and minimalism, along with neutral colours, decor can be often be inspired from these three points.

If you enjoyed this pin and want to revisit these decor ideas please do remember to pin this post for later.

Good luck!


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